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Bet on Retigo. The Retigo Vision combi oven can help you easily increase your output with less stress on your personnel.

Finding workers for the kitchen or any other operation can be a tough nut to crack. But modern smart technology can help.

With Retigo Vision combi ovens, you can quickly increase your kitchen’s capabilities without the endless search for reinforcements. The ovens save energy and get outstanding results even in independent testing (we’re Energy Star and Gastec certified). Thus, your operation will save significant expenses, so you won’t be throwing money out the window. And thanks to their smart programs, the combi ovens save your cooks’ time.

An example is the nighttime cooking program. Before leaving the kitchen, you put the food into the combi oven, turn on the program and head home. When you arrive in the morning, the food is ready. This efficiency gives you time for other things, like preparing other meals. Moreover, during nighttime cooking, you can easily monitor from home. Just connect to the Retigo Combionline® system at

Why choose Retigo combi ovens?

  • Multi-purpose appliances – Steam combi ovens can replace other cooking technology (fryers, boilers, pans, grills, etc.). Steam eliminates the need to handle heavy pots.
  • Save time and space – During the cooking process, you have time for other kitchen activities.
  • Save energy – Economical automatic cleaning, effective heat exchanger, two-stage preheating, triple door glass, and 50 mm thick insulation save significant energy expense.
  • Intuitive controls – Anyone can work a Retigo appliance! With the pictograms, even people who don’t know the local language.
  • Smart sensors and electronics – Can maintain the set temperature and humidity in percent units. Also important is the method for removing moisture, such as when grilling a product with high water content.
  • Easy cooking – Guides you through a settings selection of correct temperature and cooking times. Just enter the type and thickness of the meat, the method of preparation and the degree of doneness. Even less experienced personnel can prepare a perfect menu.
  • Easy maintenance – The combi oven washes and dries itself.
  • Higher yield, less loss of volume – Get several more portions from the same amount of ingredients.
  • Low fat consumption – With the combi oven, there’s no need to add litres of oil or other fats. With the Retigo Vision, the oil gun covers the food with a millimetre layer of fat, for much lower consumption than in the fryer. Considering the rise in cooking oil prices, huge savings are even noticeable here.

Are you reading this article thinking, “I’ve already got a Retigo”?

Get another one! Not for our benefit, but for your convenience and savings. A combi oven set (tower solution) is ideal. Two will get more done and still save valuable space in your kitchen.