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Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents

A necessary part of working with combi-ovens is their maintenance and cleaning.

Today, cleaning your combi-oven daily is as essential as turning it on every morning. You ensure its long life by doing this simple procedure. As important as changing the oil in your car, although much more often!

RETIGO offers you an entire series of cleaning agents for automatic washing, washing by hand, decalcification of cooking chambers & boilers, grease removal, & descaling.

RETIGO also requires water filtration for the long-life of your combi-oven. It is a requirement for warranty provision. Water is very problematic for cooking equipment today. Cleaning and treating water is important not only for hygienic reasons, but proper maintenance also guarantees maximum service life of the equipment.

RETIGO will help you all the way through our local manufacturer trained RETIGO agents. They are responsible for consultation & demonstration of all RETIGO products. Want to see a live oven demonstration? Our pleasure. Call the number listed, We will arrange a live demonstration for you at your convenience!


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Cleaning agents

ACTIVE CLEANER - 50 bags x 2.11 oz
cleaning powder for Vision Active cleaning
VISION DESCALER - 25 bags x 3.52 oz the powder for automatic decalcification of the cooking chamber