Retigo s.r.o.


Retigo Vision offers an excellent combination of features, exceptional ergonomics and an attractive appearance. All this with an emphasis on safety and hygiene.

Comfortable cooking without the risk of injury

Crosswise racks ensure the safe handling of gastronorm containers and provide a perfect view of the cooking process in the individual racks. Smaller gastronorm containers in a single drawer simply side by side on stainless racks or dedicated adapters.


Minimal risk of burns

The unique triple-glazed door glass solution* reduces its surface temperature and eliminates the risk of burns. The automatic fan stop prevents the dangerous release of steam when the combi oven door is opened, and coupled with a double opening door** ensures maximum safety.

Easy combi oven opening

Ergonomic handle shape makes sure that the combi oven door is easy to handle and the maintenance is easy. By using silver ions, significant reduction of the amount of bacteria present on the handle surface was achieved and as a result, hygienic risks were minimised.

Guaranteed to meet hygiene standards

Precise workmanship inside the cooking chamber with curved edges increases the efficiency of the automatic cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dirt. The HACCP system
automatically records everything that happens inside the Retigo Vision combi oven, stored data can subsequently be shown on the display or downloaded on to a PC.


* Not applicable to 623 size   |  ** Optional accessories