Retigo s.r.o.

Essig Frischemenu Catering, Altensteig, Germany

Place of realization: Essig Frischemenü
Year of realization: 2013
Country: Germany
Business type: Catering

More than 8000 meals per day on 365 days per year are a logistic challenge: the goal of Essig Frischemenü is to serve their customers a tasty fresh meal on the day of production - in the whole country of Baden-Württemberg. 
The founder, Mr. Adolf Essig, has lead his idea about "meals on wheels" within the past 30 years to a level, at which he can now serve plenty of notable customers.

Several Blue Vision combiovens are being used in the production - all connected to the kitchen office via LAN function. This way the varying components of the prepared meals can be uploaded as cooking program with pictogram straight to all ovens in the production. Also the important HACCP documentation works absolutely simple this way.

After production, the components of the meals are being cooled down gently in the Retigo blast chillers / freezers to ensure perfect quality.

After the meals have been distirbuted, they are being regenerated at different locations in the Retigo Regenerator with help of humidity as shown in the example of the rest home on the pictures.
This procedure ensures perfect quality of the meal, keeping in mind that especially in rest homes, the daily meal is a central component of every-day life and should not lack any quality but be tasty and fresh.