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Mercedes-Benz Arena

Place of realization: Mercedes-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Year of realization: 2018
Country: Germany
Business type: Restaurant
WWW of realization place: Mercedes-Benz Arena

Did you know that there is a building in Berlin that the Brandenburg Gate would fit into? The Mercedes-Benz Arena, opened in September 2008, is one of the most modern multipurpose arenas in the world. It is home to DEL record-champions Eisbären Berlin hockey and the most successful German basketball team of the past 20 years, ALBA BERLIN. As well as high-class sporting events, the Mercedes-Benz Arena hosts the finest entertainment and concert highlights. Located right in the heart of Berlin, between East Central Station (Ostbahnhof) and Warschauer Straße, the Mercedes-Benz Arena is a 17,000-seat venue with numerous events and entertainment suites. 

The technical standards of the Mercedes-Benz Arena not only ensure ideal acoustics and a perfect view from all seats but also guarantee that the arena can be transformed from a concert venue to a hockey rink or basketball court within a few hours. 


Laying of the first stone: 13 September 2006
Opening: 10 September 2008
Costs for the arena construction: 165 million Euro
Construction time: 728 days

Technical Data

Length: 160m, width: 130m, height: 35m
Total arena area: 60,000 m2
Ice hockey rink: 60m x 30m
8 escalators and 8 passenger lifts
About 4,200 tons of steel have been used for the construction of the arena.
The roof of the arena can carry 142 tons of roof load.
The concrete area that is covered by the ice of the rink has a constant temperature of -12 °C.
The parquet floor for the basketball games consists of 424 panels.


Maximum capacity: 17,000 (seating + standing)
Entertainment and event suites
6 locker rooms
4 dressing rooms
On average 1.3 Mio visitors and 130 events per year

Food & Drinks

Beer consumption per year: ca. 400,000 liters
Coca Cola consumption per year: ca. 94,000 liters
Consumption of soft drinks per year: ca. 229,500 liters
Average beer consumption during a hockey game: ca. half a liter of beer per visitor
Average consumption of non-alcoholic beverages during an event at the Mercedes-Benz Arena: ca. 0.2 liters per visitor
Consumption of food at the Mercedes-Benz Arena within one year: ca. 132,000 pretzels, 38,000 curry wursts (5 tons), 19,000 Leberkäse (3 tons), 75,000 servings of fries (15 tons), 20,500 bratwurst, and 4,700 burgers.